GFI Notify Service
+ 2 FREE SmartPlugs


Get the GFI Notify Service and receive notifications to your phone if your GFI outlet loses power. INCLUDES both GFI and Non-GFI SmartPlugs to Monitor Whole House Power Loss 24 / 7

This complete package gives you both the whole house power loss notification service AND individual GFI power loss notifications if they should occur.

*Note: Your GFI Notify Service can monitor several SmartPlugs on your premises. So, you may want to add additional SmartPlugs if you have more GFI outlets to monitor or for other purposes (see below).

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-FREE GFI monitoring SmartPlug
-FREE Whole House Monitoring Power Loss SmartPlug (to monitor if power if lost to the entire house, plug this additional SmartPlug into a non-GFI outlet which is also monitored by GFI Notify).

Many freezers and refrigerators are plugged into an electrical outlet that could be on a GFI circuit. (GFI outlets are sensitive circuit breakers).

If you are home or thousands of miles away and not aware that the GFI has tripped, that loss of power to a freezer or refrigerator can be disastrous.

But, don't worry! GFI Notify comes to the rescue by solving that problem.

Also, you may want to order additional SmartPlugs here at discounted prices for general "smart home" purposes like turning lamps or a coffee maker "on" or "off" remotely using your cell phone.(PLEASE NOTE: THESE “smart home” SMART PLUGS WILL NOT BE RELATED TO GFI NOTIFY IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER and WILL NOT BE MONITORED. They would just be for your own purposes.)