Add SmartPlugs for Additional GFI Circuits


Many homes have several GFI circuits that you may want to monitor. One GFI App does it all, just add these additional SmartPlugs to your purchase.

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Ordering the GFI Notify app comes with two FREE SmartPlugs: One for a GFI circuit and one for a non-GFI outlet. However, your GFI Notify App can monitor several SmartPlugs on your premises. So, you may want to order additional SmartPlugs if you have additional GFI outlets to monitor.

One GFI Notify App does it all. For example, sometimes sump pumps and swimming pool pumps are plugged into GFI outlets. If they trip and you are not aware of it, the results could be disastrous. With GFI Notify, you will be notified within 4 minutes.